Additional services

Additional services

Order a bouquet of roses to your apartment in Cracow!
We offer a flower delivery service to the apartments. A regular bouquet is composed of 15 roses. The customised orders and services are also available, should you wish to receive a bouquet personalised, larger or composed of other types of flowers. All customised orders are charged at an individual fee.
Price: Regular bouquet (15 roses) – 140 PLN / 35 EUR / 30 GBP / 37 USD

A bottle of sparkling wine
To help you refresh and unwind after a busy day or long travel, we offer a bottle of semi-dry Cin & Cin to be delivered to your apartment. It is also a nice touch for those who would like to surprise the significant other. The wine is served in a cooler with ice and champagne glasses.
Price: Standard wine (Cin & Cin semi-dry): 100 PLN / 25 EUR / 22 GBP / 26 USD

Pick –up / drop –off services from the airport, car and van rental
A pick up and drop off transport is available to and from Balice and Pyrzowice airports (Cracow). The service will ensure that you travel from the airport to your apartment in comfort and with minimum hassle.
Additionally, we provide a car rental or a bus + driver services that will make commuting easier and allow you to enjoy the stay in Cracow to the fullest.
For the route and price enquiry, please contact one of our consultants. The costs may vary due to individual route arrangements and applicable requirements.
Cracow Airport (Balice) – apartment – 90 PLN / 22 EUR / 19 GBP / 24 USD (max 4 people)
Cracow Airport (Balice) – apartment – 120 PLN / 28 EUR / 25 GBP / 32 USD (max 7 people)
Cracow Airport (Balice) – apartment – price negotiable (more than 7 people)
Cracow Airport (Pyrzowice) – apartment – 400 PLN / 93 EUR / 80 GBP / 104 USD (max 7 people)

Private tours of Cracow and the surrounding area
We recommend services of one of our licensed tour guides, who will guide your around Cracow in accordance to your personal interests and tastes. We provide well established touring services to popular tourist destinations in the area, such as Wieliczka salt-mine museum, rafting on Dunajec river, Auschwitz - Birkenau (Oswiecim – Brzezinka) concentration camp memorial place and many more.
The services can be booked with our consultant. The price may vary and is subject to group size, tour duration and seasonality.

For all bookings and inquiries please contact: , tel. +48 882 606 893